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J. hydrocarb. mines environ. res.


 Aims and Scope

J. hydrocarb. mines environ. res. is an international interdisciplinary journal devoted to all aspects of research related to the subject. The journal publishes high quality, peer-reviewed scientific papers containing new insights into any aspect of Fundamental or Applied Sciences, mainly on petroleum, ore exploration and exploitation, borehole imagery, process control and electrification, economy and marketing of hydrocarbons, equipment and pipelines in hydrocarbons industry, process engineering and environment, clean energies, environmental research related to water table, atmospheric pollution, waste, etc. It will be devoted primarily to research papers but short communications relating to new developments of broad interest, reviews and book reviews will also be included. Papers must have international appeal and should present work of more than local significance.
But scientific papers on the regional geology of the African-Middle-East areas, especially the search for natural resources, are also welcome: (i) economic geology of mineral deposits, (ii) applied geophysics, geochemistry in the search for fossil fuels and water as well as for environmental investigations to protect aquifer, hydrocarbon or ore sites from pollution.

The scope includes geodynamics, fluids, fluxes and reservoirs of mineral and energy resources, surface processes such as weathering, erosion, transport and deposition of sediments and resulting geomorphology; and the response of the Earth to global climate change as viewed within the continents.

The journal also welcomes special issues dealing with "Geology of Africa and Middle-East" local review articles written by experts, bringing together the latest earth science information such as fundamental and applied geology, geophysics to hydrocarbons, mines and environment. Special issues related to the following topics are also welcome: Seismology, Geomorphology, Geophysics, Geochemistry, Petrology, Sedimentology, Volcanology, Geochronology, Metamorphic and Structural Geology, Hydrology, Geodynamics, Remote Sensing, Geomodelling, Paleoenvironment, Archeology, Geoheritage, etc.

In addition to peer-reviewed scientific and technical research papers, the J. hydrocarb. mines environ. res. publishes the following:

Opinion Section: An “Opinion Section” is provided for timely expression of views and ideas in the petroleum industry and associated research centres. The objective is to produce a column which addresses developments in an interesting and lively manner. These submissions will be dealt with by the Editor-in-Chief and the Publisher, reviewed for reasonableness and published as rapidly as possible. The full text of these papers will also be available on our website.

Case Histories: A case history should integrate data from several disciplines to explain how a prospective area was explored and/or developed. Ideally, this integrated story would combine elements of geology, geophysics, petrophysics and reservoir engineering.
The objectives of a case history paper are to explain which data were used to evaluate a prospect or reservoir system, the type of analysis procedures that were employed, and the conclusions which were reached, so that others can decide which type of data and which methodologies would be most effective for evaluating the properties that they manage or explore.

Review Papers: A review paper provides an overview of a specific topic which is of general interest to a significant segment of the journal readership. The topic being discussed can be a technology which has been practiced for a number of years, or a new emerging technology which appears to offer great promise. A review paper should be structured so that it informs and educates those who have had little exposure to the subject matter under discussion, rather than as a exposition to further the scientific concepts of the subject. Examples of review papers could be a discussion of crosswell seismic profiling (an emerging geophysical technology), structured so that it informs reservoir engineers and development geologists on the way in which crosswell technology can help them evaluate reservoir systems, or an explanation of the current global positioning (GPS) technology, to inform all geoscientists about methods by which they can access and use GPS data in their respective disciplines.

Special Issues and Theme Papers: On a regular basis, issues dedicated to a single topic will be considered for inclusion in the journal. The material can either be derived from a workshop or conference, or be collected on the initiative of a Guest Editor. All proposals for special issues and theme papers will be evaluated by the editorial team. Some papers might be received as unsolicited manuscripts and will be held, with the author’s consent, for the proper theme-related volume.

The J. hydrocarb. mines environ. res. presents also short articles as "short notes" revealing new research discoveries in Africa and Middle-East as well, special research issues related to climate changes in arid, semi-arid areas, including scientific proceedings of African and Middle-East projects. The journal is affiliated both with Academic institutions (University of Rennes 1 [France], Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas [Ukraine], University of Boumerdès [Algeria], etc.) and Industrial institutions such as Oil and mining companies (Schlumberger, Sonatrach, etc.).

Finally, we would like to make the J. hydrocarb. mines environ. res. your prime source of information.

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