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JHMER: a research journal focused on fundamental and applied sciences

Received: 28 November 2010 - Accepted: 29 November 2010 - Available online: 30 November 2010

It is a great pleasure to launch the present peer-reviewed journal namely “Journal of Hydrocarbons Mines and Environmental Research” (JHMER) devoted to Geosciences, Technology on Hydrocarbons, Mines and Environment.

I would like to welcome all the scientists who joined us to be part of the Editorial Board (EB) as well as the Reviewers of the JHMER. This is a great adventure which is open either in Earth Sciences or Applied technologies mentioned in the topics of the journal which should be exciting for all of us. Our policy is to provide high standard peer-reviewed research papers within the journal and hence lead the journal to attract specialists to publish their research results in a short delay.
The evolution of Sciences in general is fast, especially for state-of-the-art technologies, certain disciplines develop much more rapidly than others. We think that JHMER will be a platform interesting for the publication of research works on hydrocarbons, mines and environment. It can also help young scientists, Ph.D. students publish their new results, i.e. new insights into any aspect of Fundamental or Applied Sciences, on the topics of the journal related to the following themes: Process Control and Electrification; Engineering and Environment; Equipment related to hydrocarbon industry; Energy; Petroleum; Ore Exploration and Exploitation; Geology; borehole imagery; etc.

The journal is focusing mainly on the following objectives:

Editorial Board
This section includes the editorial board information and the scope of the journal with the different themes as mentioned above. Will be published all what is dealing with editorial activities and their evolution, e.g. any improvement or modification in the policy, scope of the journal, change within the EB members, etc.

Research Papers
These kinds of papers are full-length papers i.e. papers with a minimum page number constraint to ensure that papers dispatched here are full papers (at least 10 pages). To maintain a high standard, papers which do not match with the policy and absolute fit with the “Instructions for Authors” will not be accepted.

Short Papers
This section concerns short papers which should not exceed 6-8 pages. Clarity and concise papers related to a special topic and quick reviews are much appreciated.

Discussion papers
Technical papers section gathers articles such as technical report, with real industrial application in the other end and data benchmarks. This will provide an application facet to the journal which will be well received by industrial community. People from industry and engineers in the field are also welcome to provide their contributions. By discussion papers we mean discussion on the evolution of techniques developed recently and needing more explanation on the way they are or should be applied. This section is especially devoted to Applied Sciences and technologies.

Book Review
All what is dealing with published recent books about energy, environment, hydrocarbons, etc. (i.e. topics concerning the journal) which are available and need to be commented in this section. Anyone can apply to write down the main comments (with the front book cover, >300 dpi jpeg format) and send them to the journal: 1-3 pages maximum. For each commented book, the author(s) must sign his(her, their) name(s). All the comments should be properly organized and a reference list added. The short note will be posted on the net (online version: ISSN 2107-6510) and added within the volume (print version: ISSN 2107-6502) in this section. If you have some exceptional, exotic and strange pictures in any field of the JHMER topics which need some comments, please act accordingly by sending the picture(s) with the addressed comments (half to one page maximum).

Current Literature Survey
An available recent literature survey is necessary using the JHMER format (see “Guidelines“), in this section can be added the recent literature related to topics defined in JHMER.

Instructions to Authors
An “amendments section” containing of previous issue such as typo mistakes or corrected announcement, etc. This section should be improved when possible, especially when electronic submission version of papers is available.

Finally, special issues, excellent Ph.D. theses as memoirs, colloquium extended abstracts as well as invited review papers can also be considered.

I wish a long life to J. hydrocarb. mines environ. res.

Tahar Aïfa, Editor-In-Chief

Editorial office
J. hydrocarb. mines environ. res.
Pièce 128/1, Géosciences-Rennes,
CNRS UMR6118, Université de Rennes 1
Bat.15, Campus de Beaulieu
35042 Rennes cedex, France
Tél/Fax: +33 (0)2 23 23 67 85 / 60 97

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